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[FLN - Power Lunch]

The "FLN - Power Lunch" is undeniably the most effective and powerful event that clearly defines the purpose and objectives of the Florida Lawyers Network. 

These events are a unique and powerful opportunity to build, establish and maintain valuable connections in a small group setting. Each event consists of only a few professionals, and the groups are intentionally small to give each person a great opportunity to build and develop new connections, while reinforcing existing ones. [FLN - Members] are expected to attend and participate in these events on a regular basis, and to remain active in the Chapter, all members must attend at least one [FLN - Chapter Meeting] and one "FLN - Power Lunch" every ninety (90) days. 

"FLN - Power Lunch - Format & Participation"

  • Members are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the "FLN - Power Lunches" on a regular basis, and must attend an "FLN - Chapter Meeting" and an "FLN - Power Lunch" at least once every ninety (90) days to remain active in the Chapter;
  • The Power Lunches are designed to supplement your attendance at the Monthly Chapter Meetings not replace them;
  • Once you confirm your attendance at the Power Lunch event, please make sure you attend. Cancellations on the day of the event are very disruptive and strongly discouraged;
  • Members that are unable to attend when their group is meeting, are strongly encouraged to connect with other Power Lunch coordinators and attend on alternate dates;
  • Members pay for their own lunch or reimburse the Power Lunch coordinator;
  • All members are kindly reminded to limit your discussion and presentation to your designated area of your practice in your FLN Chapter. Telling everyone about everything your firm does is not only ineffective, it can really be counter-productive.
  • Participating in the [FLN - Power Lunch] on a consistent and regular basis has proven to be fun, productive, profitable, and effective.
  • Ultimately, the purpose of this innovative and powerful format is to learn as much as you can about your fellow members in a small group setting, so that you can routinely and consistently provide lots of value and benefit while you enhance and solidify your professional connections.

[FLN - Power Lunch]

Format & Participation

To get the most out of your Power Lunch Event be sure to read through this section on best practices and techniques.

[FLN - Power Lunch]


If you are selected to be a Power Lunch Coordinator please review this section.

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