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FLN is proud to announce that as of September 2021, the [FLN - Virtual Chapter] will be launched and based on the responses submitted from the original [FLN - Members], the [FLN - Virtual Chapter] will be meeting as follows:

[FLN - Virtual Chapter]

Via Zoom

3rd Tuesday/Month (Unless Conflicts Arise)

11:45am to 1:30pm

Upcoming Chapter Meetings

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Off in December 2021

January 2022 - ???? - All depends


-Starting September 2021 - the [FLN - Virtual Chapter] will be an opportunity for all FLN Members (and candidates) from anywhere there is a Zoom connection to build, develop and maintain valuable connections on a consistent and regular basis. 

-This FLN Chapter will be similar to all other FLN Chapters, but it will meet via Zoom instead of in-person.

-For now, the period of time will be from September 2021 through December 2021 and could be extended, modified, and adjusted as needed.

-Due to the current circumstances, (as of September 2021) you will not have to give up your current seat in your existing FLN Chapter, and providing that you remain an active member in good standing, we will save your seat in your existing [FLN - Chapter], until we learn and more about the current situation.   

-Just keep in mind you will need to actively attend, connect and participate in FLN - Virtual Chapter meetings and FLN - Virtual Power Lunches to be an active member of the FLN - Virtual Chapter.

 -This may or may not be a long-term option, but at least for now it allows folks to continue connecting via Zoom.

How does [FLN - Membership] work in the FLN - Virtual Chapter?

-Priority for FLN Membership in the Virtual Chapter will be given to existing FLN Members, and if space allows other candidates may be eligible to join as well.

-FLN Members of the FLN - Virtual Chapter will be listed as active FLN Members on the FLN - Membership Roster for this Chapter, and will also be part of the FLN - Membership Grid for this Chapter. 

-For now - we may be able to accommodate more than 3 attorneys, in each area of practice in the FLN - Virtual Chapter, but time will determine how that policy is addressed over time.

-To keep this valuable and effective, we won't be able to accommodate more than 40 people for each FLN - Virtual Chapter meetings, so FLN - Members of this Chapter will receive priority for attendance.

-Yes, FLN - Members and guests that are not actually part of the [FLN - Virtual Chapter] can attend as a guest, but there may be space limitations, time limitations, nominal fees, restrictions, etc.. so that priority can be given to the FLN - Members of the FLN - Virtual Chapter.

-No doubt, we will learn as we proceed, but the mission of connecting, reconnecting and staying connected remains the same as always.

If you are an existing FLN - Member in good standing you are eligible to join the [FLN - Virtual Chapter], by clicking the link below and submitting a nominal fee to participate.

Since there are hundreds of FLN Members in lots of different FLN Chapters - this nominal rate of only $15.00 is designed to let us know who is interested in participating in the FLN Virtual Chapter.

If more than 40 people from FLN are inclined to join, then we would need to create multiple virtual options to make this option viable and meaningful for everyone involved.

Thank you for your understanding in providing the FLN Virtual Chapter to members that would like to participate.

[FLN - Virtual Chapter] - $15

Upcoming FLN - Chapter Meetings

If you are not an existing FLN - Member and you would like to participate, please send an email to for more information and details.

[FLN - Chapter Membership Roster]

[FLN - Chapter Membership Grid]

[FLN - Chapter Events]

[FLN - Chapter Speakers]

[FLN - Power Lunches]

[FLN - Online Community]

Coming Soon!!!

[FLN - Chapter Directors]

Serving as a Chapter Director allows our members to

provide great value and benefit to the Members of the Chapter.

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