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[FLN - Application - FAQ's]

What are the basic requirements for [FLN - Membership]?

    • FLN - Legal candidates must have at least 5 years of experience as a licensed attorney, and must be well-versed and qualified in your particular area of practice.   
    • You must have a sincere and genuine desire to provide "value and benefit" to others on a consistent and regular basis. 
    • You must be dedicated and committed to attend, connect and participate on a routine basis.

    Must I attend an “FLN – Chapter Meeting” before applying for membership?

    • You can still apply for membership if you have not attended an “FLN – Chapter Meeting," but the process is not fully completed, until you have had a chance to attend at least one “FLN - Chapter Meeting” as a prospective member.

    How many “FLN – Chapter Meetings” can I attend as a prospective member? 

    • Prospective members can attend as many as two “FLN – Chapter Meetings” before becoming an active member, but no more than three (3) times in all “FLN – Chapters” combined. 

    Must I be nominated by an existing “FLN - Member?” 

    •  Not necessarily, but it certainly helps, and it can also expedite your application if one or more “FLN – Members” can nominate you for membership.

    Is there a charge to participate in this outstanding network? 

    • Yes, to operate and administrate this outstanding network of professionals, all active “FLN – Members” contribute annual or monthly membership dues to provide the necessary resources to implement this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals. 

    Once I become a member, may I visit other “FLN – Chapters” throughout the network?

    • Yes, FLN Members are permitted to visit other FLN Chapters, but are limited to no more than twice per calendar year at any particular Chapter, and no more than 4 times per year as a guest in any of the adjacent Chapters. 

    Still have questions about the "FLN - Membership Application Process?"

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