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Est. May 2022


The FLN Podcast is designed to give listeners a great opportunity to hear the story about the FLN journey, the FLN History, and the FLN Adventure on how, when and why the entire organization got started. 

On the FLN - Podcast - we will get a chance to explore many great ideas on marketing, networking and business development as we interview many of the [FLN - Members] that have been a valuable and integral part of the organization. 

Ultimately, the FLN Podcast will be a great way to introduce the organization to listeners, and get everyone ready for the companion podcast that will be known as "Lawyers On the Mic."

The "Lawyers On the Mic" podcast is still in development and production, and will be a valuable opportunity to interview many attorneys and professionals that are part and connected to the legal community. Interviews and discussions will be on great legal topics and content that are both interesting and relevant to individuals and businesses.

As of 05/30/22 - we finalized and published Episode Zero of the FLN Podcast, and we are happy to report that it can now be found on Apple, Spotify, and most Podcast Platforms.

In the meantime, be sure to visit the dedicated website for the Podcast at the link below to view and listen to Episode Zero.

Click this Link to connect with the FLN - Podcast page.

The buttons below are not active yet.

As soon as they go live, we will be sure to let you know.

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