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A listing of [FLN - Members] in each Chapter by area of practice.

[FLN - Palm Beach County]

[FLN - Boca Raton Chapter]

Est. June 2011

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[FLN - West Palm Beach Chapter]

Est. March 2013

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[FLN - South Palm Beach Chapter]

Est. August 2017

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[FLN - Broward County]

[FLN - Fort Lauderdale Chapter]

Est. January 2011

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[FLN - West Broward Chapter]

Est. April 2012

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[FLN - North Broward Chapter]

Est. March 2017

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[FLN - Miami-Dade County]

[FLN - Miami Chapter]

Est. September 2011

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[FLN - Coral Gables Chapter]

Est. August 2013

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[FLN - Aventura Chapter]

Est. June 2014

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[FLN - Doral Chapter]

Est. June 2016

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[FLN - South Miami Chapter]

Est. February 2019

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