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[FLN - Providing Value & Benefit to the Legal Community Since 2010]

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Currently, there are four (4) types of Membership in the Florida Lawyers Network:


[FLN - Legal Members

Licensed attorneys that provide legal services to clients.


[FLN - Financial Members]

Financial professionals that provide financial services.


[FLN - Mediators]

Qualified and Certified Supreme Court Mediators.


[FLN - Strategic Members]

Individuals or businesses that provide a product or service that is 

beneficial to the Florida legal community.


If you are already an [FLN - Member] and you are dedicated and committed to

becoming part of another [FLN - Chapter], please send an email directly, to

and we will send you the exciting details.

[FLN - Membership Applications]


[FLN - Legal Member - Applications]


[FLN - Financial Member - Applications]


[FLN - Mediator - Applications]


[FLN - Strategic Member Applications]


>>>>First, check and see if your primary area of practice or profession is available in your preferred [FLN - Chapter]. 

Simply view the membership grid for each [FLN - Chapter] and that will show the areas of practice that are currently available in each Chapter.

[FLN - Membership Grid - All Chapters]

What Chapter should you Join?

We always encourage prospective members to consider the [FLN - Chapter] that is most conveniently located to your regular business activities. Extended travel to inconvenient venues tends to discourage participation, and opportunities will be limited if you cannot regularly attend and participate. 

What if my area of practice is currently unavailable?

Even if your primary area of practice is currently unavailable, we encourage to visit an [FLN - Chapter Meeting] to learn more about this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals.

Join Us - [FLN - Chapter Meeting]

Click on the link below to view the upcoming events, and be sure to register in advance so that we know you will be attending.

Ready to apply?


Here are the steps to becoming an [FLN -Member]:

>>>Attend an [FLN - Chapter Meeting], and once you are ready to apply for membership simply click on the links below.  


>>>If you have already learned about "FLN" from a fellow member, be sure to let us know who nominated you. Then if you would like to apply without attending your your first [FLN - Chapter Meeting], simply click on the links below to apply for membership.


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