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Duties & Responsibilities

  • When serving as an [FLN - Power Lunch Coordinator], please follow these steps to ensure a great and powerful event:

Step 1:

-Go to www.Doodle.com

-Doodle is a free site that makes it very easy to coordinate and select a date for your upcoming FLN - Power Lunch

-Offer several dates on the Doodle, and when finished copy the link and get read to send to your group. 

Step 2:

-Send an email to your group that says something similar to the following:

Greetings fellow FLN Members:

I have been entrusted with being your FLN - Power Lunch Coordinator this session.

-If you would like to provide input on the dates and venue for this upcoming [FLN - Power Lunch] please click this link below to complete the Doodle Poll on or before 3pm on ____(Usually within 24 hours) or folks tend to linger, and get distracted.

-Make sure to remind folks to complete the Doodle poll, but once the deadline has expired, make a final decision on the details of your event, and then announce to your group by email.

Step 3:

  • Once the date and details have been finalized, send an email notifying your group of the upcoming event and remind everyone to calendar accordingly.  

  • Confirming and reporting the names of people that are planning to attend can really help with attendance and participation. 

Here is an example email when confirming your upcoming FLN - Power Lunch:

Greetings FLN Members:

This will confirm that our upcoming FLN - Power Lunch will be held as follows and here is the status of everyone in our group:

-John Doe - Confirmed

-Mary Doe - Confirmed

-Jane Doe - Confirmed

-Baxter Jones - Pending

-James Buffet - Status unknown

Thank you again, and please be sure to calendar the event, and we look forward to seeing you then.

Step 4:

  • Reminders leading up to your designated event are strongly encouraged as folks tend to get distracted.

  • Ideally, you want at least 4 people to attend your [FLN - Power Lunch], but to ensure it's a nice small group, 7 or more can be festive, but less effective.

  • If you have 5 or less people confirmed to attend, you can use the Chapter ListServe or WhatsApp group to invite to fill the open seats.

Selecting a Venue:

  • FLN recommends, that you select a suitable venue with good food, atmosphere and quiet enough that the fellow members can connect effectively. 

  • This is very important - round tables are important for groups of 5 or more, and really make communicating and socializing much more effective. 

[FLN - Power Lunch - Meeting Format]

  • Objective - to learn more about other FLN Members in a small group setting.
  • As the FLN - Power Lunch Coordinator - please proceed as follows to ensure a great FLN - Power Lunch:
  • Select a Time Keeper - generally this is the last person to arrive:
  • Give everyone 30 seconds to say hello and introduce themselves as follows:
  • Who are you?
  • What is your designated area of practice?
  • Question of the Day - Select a question that is not political or offensive that you would like folks to answer? 
  • Then in order of arrival - give every FLN Member exactly 4 1/2 minutes to talk about an interesting case they are currently working on in their designated area of practice.
  • It is critical that everyone stays within the designated time frame, or folks get bothered and annoyed.
  • Once everyone has presented, socializing can begin.
  • In case you are wondering.... everyone in attendance pays for their own lunch at the time of the event.

  • Once the Power Lunch is concluded, please report your DVA (Date, Venue, Attended by) to your Events Director  in the Chapter with a copy to [FLN - Headquarters] at Membership@FloridaLawyersNetwork.com so that we can update the records.

  • Most of all - have fun, enjoy the camaraderie and look for ways that you can provide value and benefit to the other members. 

Zoom/Virtual format - everything is really the same, but you have lots of flexibility as to when the events can occur.

Any questions, please connect with your FLN - Chapter Events Director or connect with your FLN headquarters at


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