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FLN - New Members

Welcome and congratulations.

You are one of the newest members of FLN which is an outstanding network of highly-skilled and well-qualified lawyers in each area of practice throughout Florida, and someday beyond.

The FLN Mission is to give experienced attorneys and professionals a tremendous opportunity to build and develop valuable connections on a long-term basis.

Whether you have been a long-time member or you recently joined, follow these steps below to make the most of your FLN - experience. 

It's important that you invest the time to complete the steps in this process, so that you can properly start your FLN journey, and make the most of your FLN - Membership. 

Otherwise, it may seem like you have been thrown onto the field in the middle of a game before anyone explained the rules. 

  • Complete your FLN profile. This is the essential first step in the process.  No need to proceed with step 2 until you complete step one.
  • Join the FLN - Circle. The FLN Circle is a private online community for all FLN Members to connect in all the various FLN Chapters.
  • Join the WhatsApp group for your FLN Chapter.
  • Don't delay, because in about 3 days from when you join the FLN - Circle and the Chapter Whats App group, you we will be announcing your new FLN - Membership to the Chapter.
  • Learn about the FLN - Power Lunches, and how they work.
      • As you go through these steps, be on the lookout for an email inviting you to attend an FLN - Power Lunch. This is critical so make sure you watch your email carefully for this invite and introduction.

  • To learn more about FLN, and it's history and core values, we invite you to listen the following episodes of the FLN Podcast to learn more about this outstanding organization.

FLN - Podcast - Episode 1 - What is FLN? - Click Here to listen

FLN - Podcast - Episode 2 - Why was FLN Created? - Click Here to Listen

It may seem time consuming, but the small investment of time at the beginning of your FLN - Membership can really allow you to build some valuable connections that can really be extremely beneficial and profitable in your career.

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