Creating Your FLN Profile

How can I update my profile? 

To update your profile, please do the following: 

1. Go to and find the "Account Login" button at the top of the page;  

2. Reminder - you must use your dedicated email with FLN to access your profile. This means the email associated with the [FLN- Member] is the email you must use and with the corresponding password.  

If you don't recall your password - simply request that your password be sent to your designated FLN email by selecting "Forgot Password". 

3. Follow the steps in the email, and log into the FLN site; 

4. Find your particular profile, and update the applicable fields. 

How do I update my photo?  

Follow same steps above, but be sure to upload a photo that meets the quality and dimensions indicated. If you do not have a photo readily available, you may upload your firm's logo as a placeholder until you are ready with your photo.

The membership grid for all Chapters can also be found online at the FLN website. All active [FLN-Members] are published and presented on the membership grid for each Chapter. It is important to keep your information current so that the information published on the grid is accurate.  

Click on the link below for a quick tutorial video on all of the items above:

If you have questions about updating your profile or need assistance, please reach out to us at Our [FLN - Team] is happy to help.

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