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New and Improved . . . . . 

"Post an Ad"

Email Updates - Every Friday at 10:30am

Deadline to submit for each week is Wednesday at 5pm

New and Improved:

-Easier and simpler is always better. 

-Content and substance is really important when utilizing this feature. Emails go out every Friday at 10:30am to a very wide audience in the legal community.

Why is there a nominal fee?

-We have learned that "Free" is not an effective "Business Model." Users don't take it seriously, and service providers won't really invest the time and energy that is needed to make it valuable.

-Nonetheless, we made it extremely affordable and reasonable to post an Ad and reach thousands of attorneys.

Benefits you receive when you post your Ad on the FLN - Classified Site:

-Listed on the dedicated - FLN - Classified page

-Regular Email blast on Friday at 10:30am to everyone and anyone in the FLN database.

-Social Media Posts to Facebook and LinkedIn Groups with several thousand attorneys.

[FLN - Members]


$20/30 Days

$40/30 Days

[FLN - Members] - $20/30 Days
[FLN - Members] - $40/30 Days

$30/60 Days

$50/60 Days

[FLN - Members] - $30/60 Days
[FLN - Members] - $50/60 Days

$40/90 Days

$60/90 Days

[FLN - Members] - $40/90 Days
Non-Members - $60/90 Days

"Create your Ad"

-Once you select and submit payment for your preferred option, click the link below to provide the content for your ad. 

-Once your ad is finalized and approved, it will be listed on the FLN site, and then email announcements and social media posts will be able inform others throughout the Florida legal community.

-If you have any questions, please email us at for assistance.

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