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[FLN - Chapter Speaker Format]

When you are selected to present as a Chapter Speaker, be sure to follow the format below. 

Must be Educational:

The purpose of this segment is to educate, enlighten and inform the [FLN - Members] about your particular area of practice. This segment should not be presented as an advertisement, and your topic must be limited to your designated area of practice. Deviating from this format can be detrimental, and not very well received by your fellow members.

These speaking opportunities are a very valuable opportunity to educate your fellow members, and when done correctly, can often lead to profitable business opportunities.

Undoubtedly, when fellow members learn more about your experience, and area of practice, they will look to you as a valuable resource on those particular matters. 


If you are unable to present as scheduled, please refer to the Chapter speaker page, and switch with another [FLN - Member] that is scheduled to present in the future, so that we can stay on schedule.

Time Frame (10 Minutes - Total - Including Questions):

From the moment you are introduced to present you will have a total of 10 minutes (including questions) to present on your topic.

Since questions have a way of deviating from your intended presentation, we recommend that you present your topic for the full 10 minutes, and then ask members to see you later about any questions that may arise. Otherwise, you could get distracted, and then you won't get a chance to present your intended topic.

If you permit questions, please make sure to conclude your presentation within the allocated time frame. 

Goal of the Presentation: 

The goal of the presentation is to make it informative, enjoyable, educational and memorable. 

We know its a lot to ask in a short period of time, but it can be very powerful way to enlighten the other "FLN - Members" about your primary area of practice/profession. To really make the most of this opportunity, try not to present the "kitchen sink" or take the "shotgun" approach to your presentation. It is important to be specific and focused in your primary area of expertise, so that members will learn from you, and you can be relied upon as a trusted resource when future business opportunities arise. 

AV - Equipment:

Please note that in certain rooms, we may not have access to the necessary equipment for an AV presentation through Power Point, so if you would like to present using this method, please contact the venue directly and see what options may be available at each location. 

Please don't presume this is possible until you can confirm with the venue directly.  

Introduction (Limited to 30 Seconds)

If you have a biography or any other information (professional or personal) that you would like to be read before you present, please forward to your Communications Director at least one (1) day before the Chapter meeting.

Your introduction should be read in 30 seconds or less. (Generally that is less than 5 lines) We recommend your introduction be funny, short, and memorable. You are not being qualified to testify as an expert witness so please note that less is more. 

Thank you again for your active participation, and we all look forward to learning from you at the upcoming [FLN - Chapter Meeting]. 

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