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[FLN - Providing Value & Benefit to the Legal Community since 2010]

[FLN - Virtual Chapter]

Est. September 2021

[FLN - Power Lunch]

The [FLN - Power Lunch] is undeniably the most effective and powerful event that clearly defines the purpose and objectives of the Florida Lawyers Network. 

These events are a unique and powerful opportunity to build, establish and maintain valuable connections in a small group setting. 

Each [FLN - Power Lunch] consists of a different group of [FLN - Members] from the Chapter each session, and the groups are intentionally small to give each person a great opportunity to build and develop new connections, while reinforcing existing ones. 

[FLN - Members] are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in these very powerful, profitable and effective events on a consistent and regular basis.  

Dates have been pre-selected by the Power Lunch Coordinators.

If you are unable to attend when your group is scheduled to meet, then please take the initiative and switch to a different group.

Prior Sessions

Release Date: 10/25/21

Date: 12/01/21

Venue: Zoom

A - Stacey Swaye Mediation
A - Mohammad Faruqui Aviation Law
Nicole Loughlin Estate Planning/Probate
A - Cynthia Hibnick Health Care Litigation
A - Steven Klitzner IRS Tax Problem Resolution
A - Magda Abdo Gomez Tax law

Release Date: 10/25/21

Scott HershensonImmigration
Jason GordonCommercial
Monique Lavender GreenbergEstate
Elizabeth Delgado MizrahiFamily
Isabel AbramsInsurance
David RogeroIntellectual Property

Release Date: 10/25/21

Sandy Reinstein Business Law
Melanie Horowitz Criminal Defense
Robin Frank Employment Law
Tania Sotelo Estate Planning/Probate
Connie Kaplan Immigration Law
Francis Sexton Mediation

Release Date - September 15, 2021

Date: 09/30/21

Venue: Zoom

A - Tania Sotelo Estate Planning/Probate
A - Jason Gordon Commercial Litigation
A - Cynthia Hibnick Health Care Litigation
A - David Rogero Intellectual Property Law
A - Steven Klitzner IRS Tax Problem Resolution
A - Sandy Reinstein Business Law
A - Francis Sexton Mediation

Release Date - September 15, 2021

Date: 10/13/21

Venue: Zoom

A - Robin Frank Employment Law
Mohammad Faruqui Aviation Law
A - Melanie Horowitz Criminal Defense
Nicole Loughlin Estate Planning/Probate
Elizabeth Delgado Mizrahi Family Law
A -Scott Hershenson Immigration Law
A - Rick Mades Mediation

Release Date - September 15, 2021

Isabel Abrams Insurance Law
Monique Lavender Greenberg Estate Planning
Isabelle Jung Greenberg Federal Copyright & Trademark
Connie Kaplan Immigration Law
Magda Abdo Gomez Tax law
Stacey Swaye Mediation

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