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Business Development Workshop

(Specifically Designed for Attorneys)

Stop spinning your wheels with the same techniques hoping to get better results.

Start 2023 with a Practice Development Mindset, Toolset & Skillset.

Hit all your business goals for 2023 and beyond.

FLN - Teams up with Sandler:

FLN - is very proud to announce that we have recently teamed up with Carlos Garrido of Sandler Training in Miami, to provide a powerful one day workshop on Business Development strategies designed to provide better tools, skills, and resources to make 2023 the best year of your business.

Sandler Training is an international and full-service professional development and training organization serving large multi-national companies, as well as small to mid-sized businesses. Sandler offers a full suite of results-driven training solutions designed to address a wide range of business issues in sales, management, and leadership.

These solutions are accessible via multiple delivery modalities, including in-person instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, and On-Line On-Demand, to give their clients the flexibility to learn when, where, and how, it makes sense for them.

Join Us

Business Development Workshop

(Specifically Designed for Attorneys)

Friday, January 6, 2023 - 9am to 6pm

Hyatt, Coral Gables, FL

Learn how to:

-Close Better Business with Better Clients

-Properly Price and Quote Your Legal Services

-Generate better qualified leads in your particular area of practice

-Lead Generation for Growth Practices

-Dramatically improve your intake conversions

-Train your team to close business in your absence

-Lead Development for Growth Practices

-Closing more business with better strategies

Why should attorneys attend this workshop?

The attorneys that I have spoken to about this Sandler program with Carlos all say this is a tremendous "game-changer."

Anything less, is a huge risk in getting your intended results.

This is a must attend workshop for any lawyer that is determined to get better clients at better rates.

-Stop experimenting with less effective strategies.
-Just because you know the law in your area of practice does not guarantee you will get better clients at better rates.
-Stop believing that your number of years in practice has anything to do with what you charge or who will hire you.
-Stop thinking that you need to take every single client because they fit within your area of practice.
-Stop thinking that you must actually be around every minute of every day to sell the legal services in your practice.

-Stop thinking that if you close 90% of the clients you connect with that you are properly pricing your legal services.

Regular Rate for Sandler - Full Day Workshop - $997/Person


Full Price Regular Rate to Attend - $697/person

Best Rate - $397/Person - 1st Round of Tickets - Sold out.

Special Rate Available - $447/person - Only 5 tickets left at this rate.

Register Early to Get the Best Rates Available

To make it easy for everyone, these rates apply to anyone and everyone that would like to attend.

Workshop Details:

  • Full day workshop on 01/06/23 - includes lunch at the Hyatt, Coral Gables, FL
  • Optional Networking Dinner available for interested guests. Tickets sold separately.

Registration Includes:

  • 20% Discount on future Sandler Law Firm Programs
  • Online portal reinforcement
  • 2 Follow up reinforcement webinars in Q1
  • Practice Development Toolkit
  • 25% Discount to attend the Advocates Board Room Lawyer's Mastermind on 01/07/23
What is this Sandler Training?

In 1967, David Sandler realized that the traditional sales model was broken.

Sales professionals deserved better.

Prospects deserved better.

David Sandler, set out to design a better methodology, based on behavioral psychology that worked for both sides of the interaction. 

David Sandler developed the Sandler Selling System because he believed:

-Salespeople are professionals and deserve respect.

-The prospect must qualify for the salesperson’s time.

-Salespeople must follow a repeatable and scalable system.

Solve the toughest sales challenges.

Stop playing the games buyers play.

While other sales training shows you how to play the game better, Sandler teaches you how to break the rules, change the game, and avoid common sales problems altogether.

To get to the top of the sales profession, you’ve got to practice. Find a system, and learn it. Spend enough time getting to know it, and soon you will own it. And then, even under pressure, you will deliver.

-David Sandler

Finding and Closing Enough Profitable Deals

Most salespeople struggle to meet enough prospects, close enough of the people they meet, or close enough deals on their terms.

Wasting Time Chasing Prospects Who Will Never Buy

Trying to sell prospects who don’t need your solution, don’t have the money, or can’t decide will lead to burnout and frustration.

Giving Away Margins with Discounts and Free Consulting

Prospects love to use your expertise, wait for end of the quarter deals, or get a free quote to shop the competition, but that doesn’t help you hit your numbers.

What is The Sandler Selling System?

While other sales training teaches you how to get better at playing the sales game, The Sandler Selling System has three key stages designed to prevent those games from ever being played:

Building and sustaining the relationship.

You will learn how to take the lead in the buyer/seller dance, set clear expectations, and establish guidelines for the ultimate decision, all while establishing an open, honest relationship.

Qualifying the opportunity.

You will learn how you, the salesperson, will determine if there is a good fit with the prospect’s needs, budget, and decision-making process and timeline.

Closing the sale.

Should the prospect qualify for your solution, then you will learn how to make a no-pressure presentation, confirm the agreement, and set expectations for delivery and referrals.

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