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As FLN continues to grow and expand throughout the legal community, it becomes essential to gather input and feedback from exiting [FLN - Members] regarding the suitability, compatibility and qualifications of prospective members.

All information provided is kept strictly confidential and [FLN - Members] are strongly encouraged to provide this important information.

When evaluating the candidates, please keep in mind the following criteria:

1. Each candidate must be highly-skilled and well-qualified in his/her designated area of practice;

2. Each candidate must be able to provide "value and benefit" to [FLN - Members] on a regular and continuous basis, and must be suitable and compatible with other professionals in the Chapter.

3. Each candidate must be able to connect, attend and participate in FLN events, meetings and Power lunches on a regular and consistent basis.

All information provided is kept strictly confidential, and is only used by the [FLN - Headquarters] to maintain the qualifications and integrity of this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals.

Please note:

FLN is a private membership organization that retains the sole and exclusive right to grant or deny membership to any individual for any reason at any time that is not suitable or consistent with the [FLN - Mission]. Exceptions to any FLN requirements or policies may be considered, but shall not alter, modify or adjust any existing or future policies.


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